Xaver Wilhelmy

Xaver Wilhelmy's 30 year career with musical instruments began with a pipe organ building apprenticeship in Schwarzach, Austria.  He continued his training in Ludwigsburg, Germany.  In time he would join a builder of large pipe organs in Johannesburg, and then became Pipe Shop Foreman at Virginia's own Taylor and Boody.  He has also trained as a piano builder, a guitar maker, as well as a stringed instrument builder such as violin, and cello.

Xaver Wilhelmy is the first in the world to create pipe organ pipes of glass.  He has created many other pipe organ building innovations as well.  Five hundred years of pipe organ building history, and still there is more to learn, innovate, and create.

We provide glass pipe organ design and building services, restoration services, voicing, tuning, and repair.

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