Glass Organ Pipes

Geshenke aus Glas makes glass organ pipes of the highest quality for organ builders around the world.

We can provide a few glass organ pipes as the sparkling jewelry of your pipe organ, or we can provide entire ranks of luminous pipes that interact with ever-moving natural light to shine and change with weather conditions and seasons.  Whether it's one or many glass organ pipes... we create a design scheme that brings the pipe organ and stained glass windows into true harmony. 

We aim to exceed the expectations of customers in the quality, color, and luminosity of our craftsmanship.

Our workshop is based in Staunton, Virginia, where, using traditional glass working techniques and tools, we hand craft glass into organ pipes fusing time honored glass making techniques with organ building.

We began making glass pipes in 2001 after the events of September 11th.

We work to achieve a clear understanding of our customer's needs, offering guidance and advice where required.

Organ pipe making is the perfect confection of engineering, architecture, and music... art and fine craft.  If you require glass organ pipes for a particular project, large or small, please contact us.  We will make every effort to be of assistance.

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Glass Organ Pipe Pricing

For your own price estimation only:
  • Glass Polygonal Flue Pipes: $4,500 per vertical foot
  • Glass Reed Pipe Resonators: $6,500 per vertical foot
  • Glass Flue Pipes with Hot Glass Design Features: $6,500 per vertical foot
  • Round Glass Flue Pipes make with Hot Glass Techniques: Starting at $7,500 per vertical foot
Minimum purchase of glass pipes $10,000.

Consultation is $10,000 which includes a working estimate for your project, a one foot glass pipe sample, and up to 5 hours of time with client.  Travel extra.

Contact us for proposals.

Inquiries in English or German welcome.

Please contact us at CarmenShenk at gmail dot com.

We look forward to hearing from you.