The Logistics of Consulting:

If you have had trouble knowing who to trust with your instrument, and whether the work a company has offered to do on your instrument will actually fix problems you may be experiencing... we can help.  

Our detailed and comprehensive assessment of your pipe organ comes with actionable steps to provide you with a conservation plan, so that you may be a good steward of the instrument in your care.  

Wilhelmy is an experienced and trustworthy consultant who genuinely cares that each pipe organ in his care has precisely what is needed in order to function at peak performance.  He's got a natural talent for understanding what the original pipe organ builder was trying to achieve with the instrument, and he works hard to bring that vision to fruition.

  • We begin with an introductory phone call, email, or video conferencing call to get to know the individuals involved and the needs of the institution, congregation, or individual.  Wilhelmy listens intently in this initial 60 minute consultation in order to really make a difference for our clients.
  • When assessing an instrument, we require the temperature in the room to be at performance temperature, all organ chambers to be unlocked and to be unimpeded in our exploration of the instrument to observe it's current performance level. 
  • Wilhelmy follows up the with a written and respectful conservation plan that is provided to the client via email. 

To best benefit from this consultation, come to the initial call prepared with a list of challenges you’re facing with your instrument. It really is remarkable how comprehensive and helpful these evaluations can be.  $1,750 plus mileage.  (Does not include visual design work.)